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Printing Machine Process
Aug 01, 2018

(1) Working cycle program of flat screen printing machine. Take the flat screen type flat-type monochrome semi-automatic hand surface screen printing machine as an example. Its working cycle is: feeding piece → positioning → falling plate → falling to the ink plate, rising back to the ink plate → scraping stroke → rising to ink Plate → return to the ink board → lift the plate → return ink stroke → release the positioning → receive the piece.

In the continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time occupied by each action should be as short as possible to shorten each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

(2) Imprint line. During the printing process, the ink is pressed against the ink plate and the screen printing plate, so that the screen printing plate forms a contact line with the substrate, which is called an embossing line. This line is at the edge of the squeegee, and numerous embossed lines form the printed surface. It is very difficult to achieve an ideal embossing line because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.


1. Ensure that the pilot is responsible for supervising the safety of machinery and equipment operators.

2. Before the operation, the workers must wear the overalls, work caps and work shoes neatly, fasten the placket and cuffs, and do not install the clothes in the pockets, and do not wear watches and accessories.

3. Before starting the machine, add the required lubricating oil (grease) to each oil filling point, lubrication point and fuel tank of the machine.

4. Without the approval, the crew of the crew shall not start or operate the machine without authorization. The assistants and apprentices shall work under the guidance of the pilot.

5. Before starting the machine, check whether there are any sundries in all parts of the fuselage. You must first give a signal (press the safety bell), echo it before and after, and make sure that the machine is safe before starting.

6. Before the machine is running, first reverse the number of weeks, then punctualize for a few weeks, so as to avoid debris between the rollers to damage the blankets, plates and so on.

7. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moving working surface by hand. It is not allowed to repair and wipe the machine. It is not allowed to cross the rotating part, and the machine protection device should be kept complete.

8. The crew should strictly observe the position according to the division of labor, pay attention to the operation of all parts of the machine at all times, and immediately stop the problem after finding the problem.

9. The work site should be kept clean and tidy, ground. There is no debris around the workbench and the machine, and the maintenance tools and spare parts should be placed in the specified position.

10. When working, no one is allowed to laugh, scream, and yell around the machine. Please let the children get close to the machine.

11. At the end of the work, clean the machine, protect the plate, wipe the blanket, impression cylinder and roller, turn off the power, and fill in the work log.

12. Regular maintenance and repair of the machine and filling in the maintenance record data can extend the life of the machine, improve production quality and safe production.

13. Non-workers are prohibited from operating.

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