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Dynamic Maintenance Of The Printing Press
Aug 01, 2018

Dynamic maintenance of the press refers to the maintenance of the machine while the press is in a dynamic state. Static maintenance of the machine is the premise of dynamic maintenance of the machine, and the dynamic operation of the machine can in turn detect the level of static maintenance of the machine. The dynamic maintenance of the machine is quite important. The following is a summary of the main content of maintenance under machine dynamics from several aspects.

1. Machine preparation status detection. The state of preparation of the machine can be detected by jogging or turning. If other items such as tools are stuck in the machine; whether the plate is installed properly, if it is not suitable, it may cause damage to the plate or cause difficulty in finding the rules; whether the blanket is installed properly, if not, it is possible Causes printing failure, which may cause damage to the machine in severe cases.

2. The lubrication state of the machine. First of all, you can observe whether the oil path of the machine is unblocked by the oil mark. If the oil mark is not oily or the oil mark is unclear, you should check the oil circuit for oil leakage. Although the oil leakage of the machine is easy to observe, it is difficult to find the cause. For machines such as plain bearings, low speed is not conducive to lubrication, especially jog or low speed operation has a greater impact on lubrication. Therefore, before performing such operations, it is best to first idling the machine to refuel, which is also a top priority before going to work every day. Some machines' oil pumps are driven by the main engine. Therefore, when the point is reversed, the oil circuit can not only add fuel, but will suck the oil from the oil circuit back to the fuel tank. This is very dangerous, so the reverse point should be avoided. Lubrication of some important parts can also be detected by the temperature of the metal nearby. If the temperature is too high, it indicates that there is a problem with lubrication. Gravure gold and silver ink common faults and troubleshooting methods

3. Impact during the operation of the machine. The smaller the impact during the operation of the machine, the better the printing, and the longer the life of the machine. Reducing the printing pressure (in a broad sense of pressure) is an important condition to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the printed product, the printing pressure is as small as possible. Reducing the speed of the machine is another important condition for reducing the moment of inertia of the machine. The lower the speed of the machine, the smaller the moment of inertia of the machine, so the machine should not be kept at high speed.

The above aspects are only part of the daily maintenance and maintenance of the printing press. The quality of the daily maintenance and maintenance of the printing press directly affects the service life and product quality of the printing press, so it cannot be taken lightly.

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