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Coating Machine Application Principle
Aug 01, 2018

Use of automatic coater

Suitable for shoe materials, electronics industry, sponge, EVA, PE, fabrics, etc.

Tension system

1, process requirements

The coating machine needs to uniformly adhere the glue or ink substance to the surface of the aluminum foil, the plastic film or the cloth textile, and the coating process is relatively high, and the coating height is not only required to be uniform, but also the high-speed non-stop change of the volume can be realized to improve the production efficiency.

2, program advantages

The tension control of each stage is completed by the frequency converter, and the tension control is realized by the tension sensor, and the system is simple and stable. The speed of the drive roller inverter is controlled by a PLC or a synchronous controller, and is used as a line speed signal of other inverters.

S350 closed-loop tension control (with sense vector control) easily achieves constant tension during acceleration and deceleration, saving installation tension

The space of the roller reduces the mechanical cost, while the high-precision control ensures a highly uniform coating effect.

The double-station retractable roll has a pre-drive function, which can meet the requirements of high-speed non-stop automatic roll change and increase production efficiency. At the same time, accurate winding control can avoid the bad heart-winding and make the winding effect better.

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