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Which parts of the melt compound machine are more wearable
Aug 01, 2018

In the process of running the hot melt adhesive coating machine, the wear part of the transmission part is more serious, sometimes the shaft head wear of the dryer cylinder, and the other is the wear of the paper roll bearing chamber, which is generally used when solving Welding, thermal spraying, brush plating and other methods to repair, if the machine wears more serious, it is best to get regular store repair!

In addition, when using the machine daily, it should be exercised according to the correct operation, and the daily maintenance work of the machine should be done well, so as to reduce the wear of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.

PUR adhesives are polar and chemically active urethane groups (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate groups (-NCO) in molecular structures, and materials containing active hydrogen such as leather, fabrics, paper, and other porous materials and plastics. The smooth material has excellent adhesion. Compared with EVA hot melt adhesive and waterborne solvent-based adhesive, PUR has the following advantages.

1. PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine is easy to operate, has good controllability and fast compound speed.

2, no solvent, no need for drying process, no environmental pollution and poisoning problems due to solvent, meet environmental protection requirements, easy bonding process, using sizing method such as roll coating or spraying, comprehensive design of different styles of PUR hot melt adhesive Coating the compound machine.

3. Products processed by PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine: excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance, compared with the original hot melt adhesive, due to the crosslinked structure of reactive hot melt adhesive Performance and bond strength are greatly improved.

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