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What is the difference between the flexo process of the carton and other traditional printing processes?
Dec 20, 2018

        Printing of folding cartons is a hot spot in current flexographic printing. Due to the trend of “small and diverse” development, the on-line production of flexo presses can provide fast delivery times and higher production profit. More and more carton printing uses flexo printing to replace gravure and offset printing.

        The production process of the folding carton is generally printed first, and then processed after printing, such as bronzing, glazing, indentation, etc., and finally die-cutting. A large number of semi-finished products appear after each production process, and these semi-finished products require a lot of time and effort to transport the treatment before entering the next production process, and provide ample space for storage. In the offline operation mode, after the printing is completed, the printed sheets are sent to the bronzing department for the second processing, and then sent to the third equipment for indentation, and then sent to the die-cutting department for the fourth time adding each processing link device. Errors become the key to quality. In addition, each step takes time to debug the equipment, which consumes material trials. Once a process has a barrier or error, it will cause the process to stagnate. On-line production of flexo presses, printing and finishing are completed in the same equipment by one pass.


        The width of the printing is often considered to be the inadequacy of flexo printing. In fact, it is more beneficial than disadvantages. Printing on a narrow-format flexo press saves the cost of many molds and plates. Cleaning equipment is much easier when it is easy to convert jobs in narrow-format presses. In general, a 50 cm wide flexo press is the optimum width for a printed carton. Not only is it suitable for larger cartons of a small number of prints, but it is also suitable for large cartons of large prints because it can be printed in duplicate or triple.

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