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What details should you pay attention to in flexo plate design?
Jan 10, 2019

(1) Try not to place small parts, dots, and other details on a large version of the field. Even if it is the same color, it should be divided into two pieces. If it is impossible to separate, you can consider appropriate partial padding.

(2) Try to avoid large-area solid block multi-color overprinting.

(3) The text specification should not be too small, especially for the negative text. Otherwise, when the pressure of the printed matter changes, the printed graphic presents a large amount of deformation, which makes the positive image thicker, the negative graphic becomes thinner or more dead.

(4) The width of the individual thin lines should be greater than 0.2mm.

(5) In flexographic printing, the engraving angle of the ink-receiving hole on the anilox roller is generally 45°. Therefore, when printing with a common-type anilox roller, the plate should avoid a 45° mesh angle. To avoid the appearance of moiré in prints.

(6) Avoid designing wide and long bars and solids in the horizontal direction of the plate cylinder, which can cause equipment vibration. Ideal for slashes, curves, wavelines, and other irregular curves.

(7) Avoid avoiding the design of large circular patterns on the layout. Because when the plate is elastically stretched or elastically compressed, the regular geometric pattern becomes irregular, and the circle becomes elliptical.

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