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What are the characteristics of flexo printing in beer label printing?
Dec 13, 2018

      At present, the unit type flexographic printing machine occupies an important place in the printing of beer labels, and the proportion of flexo printing is expanding year by year. At present, some of the top beer brands in the beer industry in the country have some beer labels processed by flexo printing machines.

     Generally speaking, the paper used for beer labels is 70 ~ 80g/m2 coated paper or vacuum aluminized paper. At present, the web of this material is easy to buy, and the performance quality is also good. Alcohol labels are mostly used in color blocks (field) and line text versions. Except for some high-speed, high-gloss or out-of-print flexo printing machines, it is difficult to print. Most alcohol labels are suitable for flexographic printing. In addition, the volume of beer labels is relatively large, which can fully meet the "quantity required for flexographic printing" as stated in the industry. The special requirements of the alcohol label in use such as anti-warping, dry friction, moisture resistance, water immersion resistance, alkali resistance solution, etc. can be easily realized on the flexo printing machine.

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