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What are the advantages of flexo printing in spot color printing?
Dec 11, 2018

       The color gamut of four-color printing is very limited. The use of spot colors can enlarge the gamut space of printed matter and make the color of the picture more vivid. Many brands use a color that is not one of the primary colors of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black, but is superimposed with two or more primary colors. The stability of multiple color overprinting effects depends on the stability of each color being superimposed. If spot colors are used, the problem will be greatly simplified, which not only ensures color consistency in high-volume printing, but also avoids overprinting problems to a certain extent.

       However, spot color printing puts higher demands on printing equipment. Multi-printing units, flexo printing units just meet this point, which is unmatched by offset printing and four printing. In addition, the accurate control of the amount of the anilox roller also ensures the consistency of the printing color to a certain extent.

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