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Unwinding unit of Flexographic printing machine
Feb 14, 2019

      The printing speed of flexographic printing presses generally reaches 150m/min (or even higher). In normal operation, in order to reduce the number of times of machine change and the waste of the roll material, the unwinding and feeding device must be installed. The structure is as shown in Figure 5A. Shown. The unwinding feed device functions to unwind the roll of printing material, continuously and stably feed the printing material into the printing member, and control the speed, tension and lateral position of the printing material before it reaches the first printing member. The unwinding feed member has a roll holder and a set of guide rolls, and the roll holder is arranged in a line in the printed part. The roll holder has electric or hydraulic components to control the lifting and lowering. Generally, the pneumatic element locks the axis of the web, and the end of the web is equipped with a detector.

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