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Printing unit
Feb 28, 2019

    The printing unit is the heart of the flexo press and uses a short ink path inking system. There are two ink rollers, and even one ink roller with a squeegee can achieve uniform and quantitative transfer of ink from the ink to the surface of the printing plate.

    Currently, a typical printing unit used in a flexographic printing press is shown in Figure 7. In this system, the anilox roller is supplied by an ink fountain roller, and the ink roller is used to transfer sufficient ink to the anilox roller (referred to as an anilox roller). The squeegee fish anilox rolls work together, allowing the flexo press to adapt to a wide range of viscosity inks and achieve better print quality at higher factors. When the printing speed is increased, although the dynamic pressure on the surface of the anilox roller is increased, the squeegee is pressed against the surface of the anilox roller, so that the amount of ink delivered by the inking system is independent of the dynamic pressure of the ink, and is hardly affected by the viscosity. The amount of ink delivered by the anilox roller depends primarily on its ink storage system (the volume of the anilox roller ink pockets) and the ink separation between the anilox roller and the surface of the printing plate, regardless of the operating speed of the inking system. This short ink path inking system maintains a constant amount of ink at various speeds, so flexographic presses are capable of high speed printing and high definition color dot printing.

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