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How to design a flexo ink map that is easy to overprint?
Jan 15, 2019

        In the printing process, waste products caused by inaccurate overprinting tend to account for a large proportion of all waste products. Although the manufacturer of flexographic printing presses has provided a good foundation for precise overprinting during the design and processing process, the automatic monitoring system also provides guarantee for accurate overprinting, but the skill level and proficiency of the operator also have a great influence on the overprinting accuracy. . If you can make some adjustments for convenient overprinting during design, you can greatly reduce the difficulty of printing and reduce the scrap rate.

       The easiest way to do this is to use the reverse white text when designing the original ink draft, or to hollow out between the two colors to form a reversed white outline. You can also cover the third thicker one at the edge of the two color overprints. Dark outlines, for printing on finer prints, trapping techniques can be used. The amount of trapping depends on the accuracy of the press, the quality of the paper used for printing, and the level of the operator. Trap processing is easy to implement on a computer. If there is no computer, only the ready-made color separation film can be automatically outputted by trapping the value by using the special trapping software (Trapping Modifier). film. If there is no trapping software, you can also put a transparent spacer between the color separation film and the copy film, and use a single point source copy machine to expose the film.

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