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Flexographic printing machine anilox roller
Mar 05, 2019

      Anilox rolls are the transfer rolls of flexographic printing presses. The surface is provided with a recessed ink hole or a mesh groove line for controlling the amount of ink conveyed during printing, as shown in FIG. The use of the anilox roller not only simplifies the structure of the inking system, but also controls the thickness of the ink layer, which provides an important guarantee for improving the quality of the printing product. Known as the heart of the flexo press.

     Type of anilox roller

The anilox rolls used in the early days were mechanically engraved copper rolls and chrome-plated on the copper rolls to improve wear resistance and increase the amount of ink carried.

Modern anilox rolls use laser engraved ceramic roll technology. Both anilox rolls have good ink transfer properties, but the price of ceramic anilox rolls is high. In the printing high-precision screen version, when the printing speed reaches 200m\min, the ceramic anilox roller can show its advantages of wear resistance and heat resistance, but it has been proved that the ceramic roller is easy to block, and must be cleaned during application. And maintenance. Metallic anilox rolls are not easily clogged due to plating, but their service life is not as good as ceramic rolls.

Most users believe that although the initial investment of ceramic rolls is large, the anilox roll has a long service life (especially in the case of an inking unit using a doctor blade), and the performance is excellent (laser engraving can obtain a more delicate network cable), Compensate for additional expenses compared to general anilox rolls.

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