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Advantages and disadvantages of satellite flexo printing presses
Feb 05, 2019


(1) Waiting for one pass through the printing machine, only one-sided printing can be completed. Although the other side can be printed by the guide roller, since the tape is too long, the tensile deformation is increased and uneven, and it is very difficult to achieve double-sided printing image registration. Therefore, in the satellite type flexographic printing machine, a film material is generally used, and after printing, it is longitudinally heat-sealed to form a package bag having a pattern on both sides.

(2) The distance between each printing unit is too short, and it is easy to smear when the ink is poorly dried. The UV and UV/EB flexo inks developed in recent years can be instantly dried by UV or UV/EB illumination after printing, which basically solves the problem of smudging.

Unit type flexographic printing machine

The unit-type flexographic printing press consists of a line-type flexographic printing press, a printing unit that is independently and horizontally arranged 4-8 and driven by a common power shaft. The unit type flexo press supports only one printing unit per pair of plates, so the unit type flexo press can be adapted to different drum faces.

Its main advantages are:

(1) The installation and assembly of the unit is convenient and easy to process after printing.

(2) Suitable for short-run printing.

(3) By changing the running route of the tape by the guide roller, it is possible to realize double printing on one printing.

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