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4 advantages of the Stack flexo press
Jan 29, 2019

    1. Monochrome, multi-color printing is possible. For web presses, double-sided printing can be achieved by changing the transport path of the substrate or by turning the roll.

    2. The printing materials can be widely used as hard materials such as sheet paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, or in the form of rolls, such as self-adhesive paper and newspapers. The viscosity of the printed material must be accurately measured with a viscosity cup.

   3. Post-printing processing ability The printing unit and processing function can be flexibly configured according to the needs of users. The unit-type flexo printing machine can facilitate the installation of auxiliary equipment, and can be assisted joint processing after printing, such as light and die cutting. Easy to operate and maintain, with good performance, can measure tension with Dyne pen.

   4. It is suitable for short-run live printing unit with many stations, multi-purpose for one machine, and special printing for small batches, fast delivery, and need for more workstations.

   5. Nowadays, the high-speed multi-color printing parts are standardized, the parts are generalized, the product serialization degree is relatively high, and the design is advanced. Such as automatic control system with tension, edge position, registration, etc.

   6. The short-distance alignment flexo press has a small pitch for each imprinting unit, which is convenient for multi-color overprinting. Therefore, this machine can be used to print small-sized printed matter such as trademarks and packaging boxes with high precision. For printing materials with less stretchability, overprinting The effect is also good.

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