Zero Gap Butt Splicer

Our Zero gap butt splicer machine is aim for achieve precision automatic unwinding and rewinding system! This is a new machine in China. We develop it since 2016. Our company researches it independently, with all of its proprietary intellectual property and manufacturing technology. We can ensures nonstop feeding and winding for web materials to printing and converting machinery. This state of the art system provides a fully integrated package that maintains non-stop production with no impact to the printing or converting process. All of our machines are under CE certification, which is up to European Economic Area's Standard. So please be assured purchase to our printing machine ....

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Why Use DINGYU Automatic Winding Machine And Technology?

1. High work speed ( Our machine adapt to 100m/min to 180m/min work speed )

2. Continuous Production ( Without our machine 24 hours only 13-15 hours in production; with our machine almost 24 hours in production, increase your 20%- 40% production capacity )

3. Reduced material waste ( Without our machine if stop works one time Flexo printing machine need wast 100m material; with our machine only waste 1-2m material and you can produce more label with same 2000m material and you can get more price competition! If you work a day use our machine you can save 1.5 roll material. )

4. Reliable splicing ( Our machine use stable tension control system, with piecewise tension coupling method; Positive and negative sides of the tape; EPC function; Laser positioning paper edge material aligned etc ensure automatic paper splicing 100% success! )

5. Save Energy ( Non-Stop machine save 20% electricity )

6. Protect Environment ( We have only one earth, use our machine save energy, high efficiency, save material machine. You can earn more money and protect our earth together! )


DINGYU Zero Gap Butt Splicer  


(1) Unwind Spindles:

Easy control lift-and-load roll loading. Lift-and-load, built-in roll handling system lifts rolls up to 400 KGS from the aisle, without the need for auxiliary roll loading equipment. Capacity for two full-diameter rolls at any time.


(2) Splice Unit:

Reliable, easy control rolling shear splice unit for clean cut-off and tight splices.

10°Angled butt splice taped both sides (Oblique connect). 

100% success connect paper.


(3) Storage Rack With Dancing Roller:

The Storage Rack DINGYU's unique tension coupling method technology for consistent accurate tensioning of the web as it enters.


(4) Touch Screen:

Refind process, without specialized training to operate.


(5) Web Guide (EPC):

Automatic unwinding with EPC function (Web guide). This feature maintains the alignment of the running web to the prepared web in the splice unit. A sensor monitors the position of the running web, and the automatic sidelay system compensates to insure that the webs are aligned at the time of a splice.


(6) Laser Positioning System:

The laser positioning paper edge material is aligned and help the operator position the second-side tape with greater accuracy.


3. Technical Specification:



Machine Weight: 

About 1500 KG



Total power:


Start Run Power:  




Maximum Unwinding Diameter: 


Max. Unwinding Width: 


Max. Run Speed:    

100m/min ; 180m/min

Unwinding Connect Paper Time: 


Way Of Connect Paper:   

Oblique Connect

Angle Of Paper connect:  


Edge position control:    

Digital Terminal EPC

Upload way:    

Manual pressure drawer

Pick Up Material Aligned:    

Laser Positing

4. Electrical Equipment Control System:


Model Brand


Main motor








Made in Japan

Touch screen


Made in Taiwan

Air cylinder


Made in Taiwan

Web guide system 


Made in China

Full Electrical control components


Made in France

EU CE Electrical control cabinet


Made in China

Hardened gear reducer


 Made in China

Air shaft


 Made in China

Laser position system


 Made in China

5. Other Accessories:

Overall unwinding Rack

1 set

Measuring frame

2 pecs

Working status indicator

1 pecs

Splice unit

 1 set 

Self-adhesive roller

1 pecs  

Storage rack

1 set

Dancing roller

1 set

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